Twitter said Saturday that hackers “manipulated” some of its employees to access accounts in a high-profile attack, including those of Joe Biden and Elon Musk, and apologized profusely for the breach.

Russia’s government will throttle data to and from Twitter for users in the country for at least another month as the company works to remove banned content.

Reuters reported that the state communications agency, Roskomnadzor, said in a statement that the slowdown would continue until May 15.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to the news agency that its representatives had held talks with Russia’s government, but offered little other information.

“It was a productive discussion about how we can both work to ensure that reports of such illegal content are dealt with expeditiously,” said the spokesperson.

The Hill has reached out to Twitter for further comment.

The company lashed out at Russia’s government last month for attempts to “block and throttle online public conversation,” the Moscow Times noted.

At issue is content on the platform that reportedly shows support for widespread anti-corruption protests in Moscow, some of which Russian officials argue is illegally targeted toward children.

“Roskomnadzor will continue to cooperate with Twitter management until the social network completely deletes all banned information in the quickest possible manner,” the agency said, according to the Moscow Times.

Russian officials say that the content — as well as other posts that include child pornography, drug abuse references and pro-suicide posts — is still on the platform long past the 24-hour timeframe allowed under Russian law for its deletion.

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