Although many enjoy using public Wi-Fi because of its convenience and lack of fees, doing so is not without its costs. In particular, the use of public Wi-Fi can pose a serious threat to one’s personal information as well as other sensitive data that may be stored on one’s phone or computer. However, using a VPN is one of the safest methods of keeping people secure while surfing the web on public networks, no matter where in the world one chooses to roam.

What is a VPN?

Before we delve into the ways in which purchasing a VPN can keep one safe while using public Wi-Fi, let’s first find out how and why VPN’s work in the first place. By creating a secure tunnel between the provider and the user, VPNs help users to keep their sensitive information safe and secure by scrambling the information being sent through these tunnels. In doing so, it becomes next to impossible for hackers and other potentially malicious parties and programs to access information being sent through them. Additionally, although VPN’s use the same tunnels being used by the masses on the internet, VPN’s make it essentially impossible for one’s information to be access, view, or steal users’ information. Specifically, the information can only be accessed if the user has a specific access key to decrypt it. If you need more information on VPN’s and how they work Find it here.

How VPN’s Protect Us on Public Wi-Fi

Now that we better understand how VPN’s work, let’s get into the particulars of how these actually work. The following is a list of the most relevant benefits:

— Blocking of Ads, Malware, Trackers, and More – One of the top ways a VPN protects us is by blocking ads, malware, and more. VPN’s effortlessly block out ads, malware, trackers, hackers, and other people and programs that may cause present issues for those surfing on public networks.
— Camouflage Mode – VPN’s also make it easy for users to remain anonymous from others who are surfing on public networks. Those who use VPN’s do not have to waste time being concerned about being exposed or tracked by potential hackers or other harmful individuals.
— Public Wi-Fi Security – One obvious benefit of purchasing a VPN is that they allow users to maintain a secure connection, no matter if one is using public networks or not.
— Encryption – With the help of top-level encryption, the AES-256-GCM, those using VPN’s can safeguard their information from troublesome parties.
— Privacy for Banking and Other Transactions Containing Sensitive Data- Those who choose to purchase a VPN are able to remain safe and secure while using shopping, banking, and while sharing other sensitive financial information online.
— Multi-Device Protection – Additionally, VPN’s offer people the ability to protect multiple devices while using one VPN network.
— Avoiding Censorship Restrictions- Given that users can remain hidden, a VPN makes it possible to bypass censorship rules and regulations across the globe.
— No Logs – Another way VPN’s make it safe to surf on public Wi-Fi is by hiding one’s search history. VPN’s also make it possible for users to surf without having to worry about log details being stored which allows others to access one’s search history.
— Kill Switch – One of the best features a VPN offers those who surf on public networks is the kill switch. This automatic deactivation button works by “killing” the internet connection if the VPN connection happens to drop. This means if one is surfing the web and has an issue with the VPN connection, the kill switch helps by immediately stopping the connection so the user does not have to worry about being connected to the network unprotected.

Who Should Use a VPN Network to Surf Public Wi-Fi?

Although virtually everyone can benefit from using a VPN while using a public network, there are certain people who should use them for specific reasons. The following is a list of those who benefit most from using a VPN to surf on public Wi-Fi:

Who Can Benefit from a VPN?

Some users can benefit from VPN’s more than others. The following is a list of the various types of users that can benefit most from VPN’s:

— International Travelers- For those who may travel frequently and/or use your computers to conduct business, a VPN is the ideal method of keeping one safe while surfing the web on various public networks. Purchasing a VPN is one of the best ways to protect one’s personal and business information.
— Anonymous Users- Additionally, for those who prefer to remain anonymous, a VPN is the best way to remain private no matter where one may roam. Anyone’s information can be easily found if they are using a normal connection. The way this information can be found is by searching for information connected to one’s unique Ip address. Luckily, a VPN will allow one to be free to surf the web without being concerned about one’s location being uncovered.
— Frequent Streamers- For those who frequently use streaming services, a VPN can be doubly beneficial. On the one hand, since most networks tend to slow user’s systems down once you have reached a certain amount of internet usage, using a VPN allows people to surf without using up their data plan. Moreover, a VPN also allows users to remain hidden from those who may be searching streaming services to find accounts to hack and uncover personal account details and other types of information. However, purchasing a VPN makes it possible for everyone to use these streaming services as often as they wish.

Purchasing a VPN allows users to stay safe on public Wi-Fi public networks while surfing the web from a variety of devices and locations. No matter if one is shopping for your VPN service for privacy, protection while surfing on public networks or to use streaming services without wasting data, it is imperative to ensure that they are taking the time to first investigate the provider.

Either way, when purchasing a VPN service, one should take the time to make sure the service is being purchased from a reputable company that can be trusted.

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