Liverpool have congratulated Steven Gerrard after the Rangers were confirmed Scottish Premiership champions.

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard has said he’s happy at Ibrox adding that Jurgen Klopp’s hint is working for him at the moment.

The Liverpool great insisted that his career plan is focused on leading Gers in next season’s Champions League.

“I remember that I had a conversation with Jürgen (Klopp) about the coaching profession before I even took this role,” Gerrard tells Sky Sports.

“What are some of the most important things you can tell me? What can I take from you that will help me move forward?. He always said to try to be as balanced as possible. Now I know exactly why he said that. This trip takes you everywhere.

“It offers fantastic emotions, but there have also been several difficult moments. I will be extremely proud of what we have achieved, but after the season I will try to refresh myself and do what I need to do in the background to make this group as strong and competitive as possible. I want to take this club back to the Champions League.

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