Real Madrid legend: Why La Liga will survive without Lionel Messi

Mauricio Pochettino admits he never expected to be a position where signing Lionel Messi was a realistic option, but the Paris Saint-Germain boss is expecting the Argentine to produce his best after settling quickly in French football.

Former Real Madrid legend, Fernando Hierro, says the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona to PSG will not have any effect on the survival of La Liga.

Hierro, who was a cult hero for the White Angels during his playing days, made this known at a World Football Summit.

He said that La Liga will continue to thrive regardless of how important a player might be for the club.

He also noted that the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar from the league did not affect the league.

“The LaLiga has endured that Neymar left and continues, Cristiano left and continues, Messi has left and will continue. I would like them to still be there because they are players who have marked an era, but it is an international product already very consolidated so as not to collapse when a star goes.

“It has been a delight for our football to have these wonderful players who have marked a great time, but I believe that the product of the LaLiga at an international level and what has been achieved is above whether certain players may or may not be.”

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