Liverpool condemn further homophobic chants during Chelsea draw

Liverpool have condemned supporters who sang homophobic chants aimed at Chelsea during Saturday's Premier League match at Anfield.

Liverpool have condemned homophobic chants which occurred during their game against Chelsea on Saturday, with certain supporters aiming an offensive song at the opposition once again, despite Jurgen Klopp’s recent pleas.

Klopp publically called for Liverpool fans to cut out the ‘Chelsea rent boy’ chant last week, having seen Blues loanee Billy Gilmour targeted while playing in Norwich’s 3-0 defeat to the Reds at Carrow Road on August 14.

Liverpool also released a statement branding the song “offensive and inappropriate”, but the homophobic insults were heard once again when Chelsea arrived at Anfield for a top-of-the-table clash on August 28.

Liverpool issued a fresh statement in the wake of this weekend’s events, promising to launch a full investigation while vowing to do everything within their power to help eliminate all forms of discrimination in the game.

“Liverpool FC is disappointed by reports that a small section of our supporters were heard singing offensive songs during Saturday’s fixture with Chelsea at Anfield,” the statement reads.

“The club strongly condemns these actions and will be investigating all reported allegations of abusive and/or discriminatory behaviour with the relevant authorities to identify perpetrators. LFC is committed to tackling abusive and discriminatory behaviour, which has no place in football or society.

“As part of its Red Together campaign, which encompasses all the club’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion, LFC strives to be the forefront of the fight against all forms of discrimination both online and in-stadium to create an inclusive environment for all.

“The club would like to remind its fans of its code of conduct, which clearly outlines what it expects from all supporters visiting Anfield.”

Klopp had previously told the Reds’ official media channel of his disdain for the chant: “I never understand that, why you would sing a song that is against something in a football stadium, I never got that and never liked it.

“I can imagine now that people out there think, ‘come on, it’s only winding them up’ and stuff like this. But that’s the problem – most of the time we don’t understand.

“I’m not sure if people listen to me but it would be nice. I don’t want to hear it anymore for so many reasons.

“From a player or coach perspective, I can say these songs don’t help us as well. It’s a waste of time because we don’t listen. If you think what you sing: you are an idiot. If you don’t think about what you sang, it’s just a waste of time, forget it and go for another song.”

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