Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he initially 'felt empty inside' after the club secured the Premier League title.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes the title race is wide open this season.

Klopp has welcomed Pep Guardiola signing a new contract – but is convinced the battle for the title won’t be limited to the Liverpool and Manchester City managers this season.

“I’m happy about Pep signing a new contract,” he said. “But I’m a little bit afraid it won’t be Guardiola against Klopp over the next few years as it looks like Frank (Lampard) and Chelsea are building a proper team there.

“Man United will not stay without trying and Arsenal will do the same and are in a good way as well.

“Tottenham look really dangerous this year. Leicester are obviously and 100% Wolves will not sleep.

“I’ll have forgotten somebody, not because I’m being disrespectful but because I’ve seen the development of a lot of other teams and see the steps they make.

“I’m happy Pep is staying with me for longer!”

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