Molde striker Leke James has explained the club’s new season goal and objective in both the domestic league and in the UEFA Champions League.

Leke James, who finished as Molde FK leading scorer last season with 13 goals, is now keeping the Norwegian club waiting if he will sign a new contract.

James contract with Molde ran out last season.

The 28-year-old striker was not part of the team’s first meeting early this week and he has not informed the club whether he is staying as contract talks have dragged on.

Molde coach Earling Moe said they will want Leke James to stay put as he and Ohi Omoijuanfo are the only out-and-out strikers on the squad.

“It is unclear, we do not know what is happening,” Omijuanfo said as regards the James situation.

“We have not hears anything, he holds the cards close to his chest. There is no response.

“The boys have tried to ask a little, but he says nothing.

“Maybe he surprises and suddenly appears.

“We want him here.”

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