Lack of respect from Tottenham ‘senior stars’ sacked Nuno Espirito Santo

Tottenham announced on Monday they had sacked manager Nuno Espirito Santo after just four months in charge following their fifth defeat in 10 Premier League games.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s exit from Tottenham may have been caused by senior stars in the team who applied half measures to their job resulting in poor results it has emerged.

Nuno who is not known for talking too much or making controversial statements was hoping that his soft appeal for maximum cooperation and commitment would work.

But in his press conference before the defeat by Manchester United, it became apparent that he was not getting the best of cooperation.

‘I wish all the players were equally committed,’ he said. ‘These players have to go beyond. This is how it works. In this industry, this is what the player should do. Unfortunately, it is not what is always happening.’

The message was clear. Nuno knew some of Spurs’ squad had stopped pulling for him and he was highlighting the situation that the new man could expect to walk into.

It feels like there was a lack of leadership in their squad. Nuno’s comments led to people saying he had ‘lost the dressing room’.

But that is in the past now, there is a new Sherriff in town and Antonio Conte is not the one to tolerate lack of commitment.

Interestingly Conte has started on a victorious note in the Europa outing and many say it is now or never for Spurs. Tottenham head to Everton on Sunday in what will be Conte’s premier league return outing certainly for the so-called senior stars, it is time to either sit up and achieve a result or be ready to face Conte’s hammer.

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