Kun Aguero: I was offered Leo Messi’s No. 10 shirt at Barcelona

Sergio Aguero wants to leave Barcelona already, so disappointed is he that he can’t play alongside his old friend Lionel Messi and is eyeing up a mid-season move across the Atlantic to MLS.

Former Manchester City player, Sergio Aguero, is surprised by Barcelona’s approach to training.

The summer signing spoke to Ibai Llanos the Twitch streamer and said something surprising about the club’s training sessions.

“At (Manchester) City we arrived an hour and a half before training and here half an hour before,” said Aguero. “I said, well, I’ll come in at least an hour before and try and go to the gym or do some things, but nobody was there, it was all shut, dammit.”

Aguero has not debuted as a Barca player yet because he suffered an injury in pre-season. He is hoping to return in October.

The forward told Ibai he did not take Leo Messi’s No 10 shirt despite being offered it. He also said, of Messi’s PSG debut: “He was a bit lost on the pitch, but everything he touched he did well with.”

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