Florentino Perez and Andrea Agnelli, presidents of Real Madrid and Juventus respectively, are the architects of the European Super League according to Diario AS.

The 17th Mercantile Court of Madrid has this Tuesday adopted precautionary measures against any body who will look to prevent the launch of the Super League according to Mundo Deportivo. The court has taken this decision to prohibit FIFA, UEFA and each of the three leagues involved in the controversial project from adopting any measure that prohibits, restricts, limits or conditions, in any way, the start-up of the Super League.

These measures also prohibit the taking of sanctioning or disciplinary measures against any of the participating clubs, players or managers. These include the most high-profile in Europe and in Spain, with La Liga represented by its three biggest clubs, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid. They’re a quarter of the 12 founding members who dropped the bomb that’s shaken the European game on Sunday evening.

UEFA and FIFA have announced that they’ll seek to adopt sanctions against the clubs as soon as possible, with a key potential measure being preventing players from participating in the next tournaments they organise. For the court, however, such measures would prevent free competition in the market for professional football in Europe, and the adoption of such measures would kill the Super League project and stimulate loss of investment and financing by JP Morgan, who are in line to fund it.

Such sanctions and disciplinary measures would violate freedoms and affect trades according to the courts, specifically article 56, 45 and 63 of the TFEU. Such actions are ruled unjustified and disproportionate according to the court, and were they to prevent the Super League from taking off could cause serious damage to the clubs and players in line to participate, as well as the financing of the project.

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