Tottenham boss, Jose Mourinho, has said Fulham have little reason to complain about being told to play a Premier League game at short notice as his opposite number Scott Parker called the scheduling “scandalous”.

Tottenham boss, Jose Mourinho, has said selling Carabao Cup Final merchandise ‘is not the act of a small club’ but of a desperate need to raise money.

Spurs were ridiculed on social media this week when they unveiled a range of souvenirs marking their Wembley clash with Manchester City on April 25 – with rival fans claiming teams should only celebrate winning trophies.

But Mourinho, who has been trying to instill a winning mentality at the London club, has no problem with keyrings, lanyards and commemorative mugs being sold after the pandemic hit finances hard.

He said: “We have empty stadiums, an incredible stadium always empty. How many millions is Tottenham losing every match we play at home?

“How many millions is Tottenham losing per month?

“We have to make money so we go to a final, try to sell some pins, some shirts, key-rings, anything. So well done.”

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