Jordan Henderson came close to leaving Liverpool for Fulham in the summer of 2012 and admits that “tough moment” in his career helped to turn him into a Champions League-winning captain.

Jordan Henderson says Liverpool are not making any excuses ahead of a period filled with matches.

The Reds face four huge games in the next 12 days, including an away trip to Manchester City.

“We do have a tough period coming up, yeah, but we love playing football. We want to play these games,” Henderson said.

“If you look back a few months ago and were sitting in the house during lockdown, couldn’t go out…we’d have played football every single day if we could.

There are a lot of things going on in the world and it’s tough for people sitting at home. These things have a huge impact on people. So we really have to try and put a smile on the face – even if it is just for tonight.

“So for us, it is physically demanding, but we are used to it. And we enjoy it.

“We will use all the lads in the squad, everybody is needed for full season.

“But you have to enjoy it – I love playing football, we love it, enjoy it.”

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