Six English clubs and Bayern Munich back new Super League

IUSPORT have shared some of the findings from Madrid court hearings regarding the European Super League and it has been deemed that nine clubs are yet to officially withdraw from the plans.

According to ‘El Confidencial’, the big six in England and Bayern Mjunich could join to Super League after changes made by the major founding clubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus).

After all the uproar caused by the creation of the Super League, the six English clubs could return to the competition and Bayern Munich could join them.

‘El Confidencial’ reports that the reformulation of the statures has reportedly satisfied the teams involved as this new competition would no longer be a closed shop. It would be open to all clubs.

No team would be guaranteed a spot. It would all be done on sporting merit. ‘Cadena SER’ got accessed to the documebnt a week ago and the clubs are looking to modify the UEFA model.

If this ends up being confirmed, talk of a Super League will come back despite the criticism it has received from many in the sport.

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