Dani Alves to pay Barcelona 100 million euros if he leaves before June

Dani Alves was crazy about returning to Barcelona and the club gave him the opportunity. At least he will have to be at the Camp Nou until June. According to ‘RAC1’, if he leaves the club before the end of the season, he will have to pay a penalty fee of 100 million euros.

This Wednesday was a very special day in the Catalan capital. Dani Alves returned and he was officially presented at the club. There were even more people at the stadium than for Xavi’s presentation.

‘RAC1’ gives more details this Thursday about his contract. According to the Catalan media outlet, Barcelona included a clause to guarantee that the Brazilian will not leave before the end of the season. If he leaves before June, Alves will have to pay 100 million euros.

This same source says that despite there not being the option to prolong this contract for another year, both the club and the player are reportedly more than willing to talk in June 2022 to sign for another year if the two agree.

Alves returned to Camp Nou at the age of 38 and with the lowest salary in the whole squad. However, it is so important for Barca that the club wanted to make sure with that clause that he will stay at the Camp Nou until the season reaches its end.

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