Benin striker Steve Mounie

Benin striker Steve Mounie has recalled the harrowing experience his team went through in Sierra Leone after he and four other top stars were reported to have tested positive for Coronavirus and as such were ruled out of a decisive AFCON qualifier in Freetown.

Home team Sierra Leone need to win the match to qualify for the AFCON at the expense of Benin.

Mounie alleged the Leone tried to disqualify half of the Benin team using the Covid positive test as an excuse.

“Among the five players, three have already had Covid-19, including two from Clermont who contracted it a month ago,” he said.

“It was therefore impossible that they would have the virus again in such a short period of time since they have the antibodies.

“I already had Covid-19 a year ago, and the same, I still have the antibodies when I take blood tests. This is when we understood that it was a masquerade, an outright lie.”

He continued: “Among the 80 [people] on our delegation, the five players positive are starters, rather strangely.

“The tests were carried out in conditions absolutely not hygienic at a laboratory apparently not certified and the results were only reported just minutes before the pre-match warm-up when we are supposed to receive the results six hours before the game.”

The Group L clash has since been postponed till June by CAF.

But Mounie maintained the authorities need to come down hard on Sierra Leone after this charade.

“This kind of thing must not happen again! They have already won somewhere with this postponement,” he said.

“As long as the protocol is not respected and there is tampering, there must be more serious sanctions. It’s cheating, it’s not fair play.”

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