Tyson Fury reveals heated phone call with Anthony Joshua

According to the Brit, a world heavyweight title showdown between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua could be announced in the next two weeks

Tyson Fury has revealed that he previously had a heated argument with Anthony Joshua over the phone.

The rival heavyweight champions were close to confirming an undisputed fight this summer, only for Deontay Wilder to successfully win his arbitration case which forced Fury into a third meeting with him.

They subsequently exchanged insults in a heated feud on social media – their most public war of words to date.

Away from the spotlight though, it is known Fury and Joshua had been cordial in the past.

They sparred together as youngsters back in 2010, have spoken positively on FaceTime calls and bumped into one another in Marbella last year.

Now, Fury has said they have also argued in private.

Fury told The Lowdown: “I have definitely encountered the true Anthony Joshua.

“Not a nice person, sort of a bully.

“Someone who thought he was gonna put the bluff on me. That’s what type of person he is.

“I once had the opportunity to see the real ‘Femi’.

“He phoned me up one day in a mood to say he was gonna do this to me and do that to me.

“It didn’t fare too well for him, let’s just say that.

“Just out of the blue. He decided to give me a call, a telling off call.

“I don’t think he liked what he heard on the end of it.

“There’ll be no telling me off anyway.

“I just told him the truth and the truth always hurts.”

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