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Buhari: More a dove, than a Lion king

Our President has since resumed work. He has also officially spoken to Nigerians in a nation-wide broadcast, many have classified as the briefest ever Presidential speech to the nation. Many commentators on the Presidential broadcast have expressed different views.

The speech President Buhari failed to deliver

The arrival of President Buhari in Abuja was triumphant! The giddiness on display by family, friends, associates and fans was remarkable. Everybody was excited, joyous and relieved to have him back at home after what seemed an eternity.

I wish I were North Korea’s spokesman and speech writer

DPRK leader, Kim Jong Un, needs to further tighten his hold on the nation of 25 million people by ratcheting up the age-long propaganda about America’s quest to annihilate the country.

Lagos: Excellence in the face of challenges

Lagos is a great State. It is great not because there are no challenges on the path to its dream. The network of lagoons, beautiful coastlines, alluring beaches and the skyscrapers that shade the setting sun to tint the skyline with gold lining at dusk are magnificent, but those are the least that make Lagos beautiful.

President Buhari’s return amidst rejoicing citizens

In the early hours of Saturday, August 19th, 2017, Ahmed Aliyu Tanko started hoisting new flags in the quadrangle of the Presidential Villa. The heavy down pours had improved the lustre of the greenery of the Villa, but the flags were all weather-beaten.

Buhari’s last chance

I recall that when The Interview interviewed Buhari in July 2016, he said one of the reasons why he dumped the National Conference report was that Goodluck Jonathan’s government used the money that ought to have been used to pay lecturers to host “a useless conference.”

Presidential mis-communication, Aso Rock rodents and other matters

I do not know how far the outright incompetent communication at Nigeria’s Presidency would get before the people speak up to its inappropriateness.

As Buhari returns from London

They remind us that President Buhari, then a serial contestant for Yar’Adua’s position, the Presidency, had insisted that the best thing was for the latter to be impeached, having become incapable of discharging his duties as President due to illness.

Nigeria: A country like no other

Growing up, there was this “big man” in our neighbourhood. He drove a big car, lived big and boasted big things. However, the man lived in a rented apartment.

On Islamic police and Biafra security

In one of the few chapters of that copy and indeed a chapter that has become a chapter in the ongoing political conversations in Nigeria is titled “The Igbo problem”.

Presidential broadcast and other stories

“If you are this excited about President Buhari’s return, then why didn’t you go to Abuja to welcome him when he arrived from England on Saturday.”

Why Buhari is good as Nigeria’s President till 2023

Even though I do not like Buhari’s governance style and do not believe that he has good leadership skills, it is my wish that Buhari should remain healthy and strong to complete his first term and even win a second term in office.

ASUU’s strike: Imperative of change begins with me

For the next few weeks or months, the already suffering Public Tertiary Education in Nigeria will be grounded to a halt courtesy of the insensitivity of our leadership to the future of Nigeria which lies in proper investment in education.

Buhari’s return: I love Nigeria I no go lie

There is celebration everywhere; I hear that they are in high spirits at the villa, the baboons, monkeys, hyenas and all the various animals in this animal zoo. Thousands and millions are most happy that our beloved Sai Baba is back.

Between hate speech and hate actions

The open condemnation of hate speech of any sort by the Acting President is very commendable and signals a positive attempt by the government to rein in subversive and inciting elements in our midst in the hope of arresting the current slide into anarchy.

Full text of President Buhari’s broadcast

In 2003 after I joined partisan politics, the late Chief Emeka Ojukwu came and stayed as my guest in my hometown Daura. Over two days we discussed in great depth till late into the night and analyzed the problems of Nigeria. We both came to the conclusion that the country must remain one and united.

As Buhari returns

They remind us that President Buhari, then a serial contestant for Yar’Adua’s position, the Presidency, had insisted that the best thing was for the latter to be impeached, having become incapable of discharging his duties as President due to illness.

Fed govt refinances debt and adds more loans

Interest rates abroad have always bee far lower than what obtains in the domestic financial market. In some markets, even the seven per cent touted by the Minister are regarded as extortionate when prime customers can obtain loans for as low as three per cent.

Recent Stories

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

Nigeria to earn fresh $6.35 billion in taxes, royalties

The push by the Management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to increase crude oil production and grow the nation’s revenue profile gained momentum with the closure of $875.75m alternative financing deal for the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) operated OML 65 through the Funding and Technical Services Agreement with CMES-OMS Petroleum Development Company (CPDC).
Godwin Obaseki

Edo governor reassures on kidnapping, other crimes

Gov. Godwin Obaseki of Edo has reiterated the commitment of the State Government towards ending kidnapping and other crimes in the state.
UAE building mosque, church, synagogue in one location- A visual of the Abrahamic Family House

UAE builds church, mosque, synagogue in one location

The United Arab Emirates is building a church, mosque and synagogue, in one location in Abu Dhabi, to underscore the need for all religions to live in harmony.

PDP: President Buhari has no agenda for UNGA

The Peoples Democratic Party on Sunday said it was “lamentable” that President Muhammadu Buhari would be going to the United Nations General Assembly without articulating definite objectives, plans and proposals to attract tangible benefits to the nation.

Ministry collaborates with NCC to address unemployment

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development says it would explore a “viable working partnership’’ with the National Communications Commission (NCC) to lift at least, 10 million Nigerian youths out of poverty.