Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh in key dates

Key dates in the life of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, killed on Monday by his former Huthi rebel allies.

– March 21, 1942: born to a North Yemen family linked to the powerful Hashid tribal confederation.

– 1962: Joins the army. Takes part in the coup that replaces the Zaidi imamate with an Arab nationalist republic.

– 1978: Following the assassination of president Ahmad al-Ghashmi, Saleh is elected president of North Yemen by a constituent assembly.

– 1990: He successfully steers the country to reunification with the communist south, becoming president of a unified Yemen.

– 1994: He crushes a secession bid in the south.

– 2004-2010: Saleh fights northern Huthi rebels, who like him belong to the Zaidi Shiite Muslim minority.

– 2012: Steps down on February 27 after months of demonstrations against his 33-year rule, and after being wounded in a June 2011 attack.

– 2014: Saleh allies himself with his former enemies — the Huthis — who in 2015 seize the capital Sanaa, and briefly Aden in the south, which is quickly retaken by a Saudi-led coalition.

– 2017: Break up of the alliance between Saleh and Huthi rebels, who shoot him dead on December 4 south of Sanaa after he flees the city.

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