Thousands evacuated as German city disposes of World war II bomb

People living within 250 metres of a World War II bomb discovered during construction work in the German city of Dusseldorf are being evacuated while it is being disposed off.

A police spokesman said officers were checking houses within the exclusion zone on Tuesday to make sure no residents were still at home before work proceeds to dispose off the bomb discovered the day before.

Police were stationed to watch over the site during the night.

According to the city council, some 2,300 people were affected, while a spokesman said on Tuesday that a further 4,400 were ordered to stay at home and not go outdoors until the all-clear signal was given.

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Some 80 residents of a care home had to be brought to other facilities as part of the evacuation.

The WWII aerial bomb was due to be defused at 11 a.m. (0900 GMT).

Streets were to be cordoned off around the site and public transport restricted during the operation.

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