Taliban ban barbers from shaving beards, playing music

The Taliban appeared Friday to have shut down the government’s ministry of women’s affairs and replaced it with a department notorious for enforcing strict religious doctrine during their first rule two decades ago.

Barbers in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province are now prohibited from shaving men’s beards and playing music in their shops.

In a statement on Sunday, the Taliban-led Department of Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice in the province ordered barbers to comply with the new regulation.

“From today, shaving beards and playing music in barbershops and public baths is strictly prohibited.”

“If it is found that any barbershop or public bathroom has shaved anyone’s beard or played music, it will be dealt with in accordance with the principles of Sharia and will not have the right to file a complaint,” the statement read.

The new regulation is among the latest in a series of restrictions imposed on the Afghan people based on the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law.

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