Saudi Arabia: Why Iran should never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons

A handout picture provided by the Saudi Royal Palace on November 19, 2018, shows Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz giving a salute with his hand as he arrives to address the Shura council, a top advisory body, in the capital Riyadh. (Photo by Bandar AL-JALOUD / Saudi Royal Palace / AFP) /

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressed concern over what it described as ‘grave consequences’ if Iran is allowed to develop Nuclear weapons.

The King, who said allowing the country to possess the weapons poses great security threats to the entire Middle East in spite of Iran’s insistence that it is intended for peaceful purposes, also said Saudi Arabia is in support of taking all measures to tackle it.

He said, “The Kingdom stresses the importance of maintaining a WMD-free Middle East. Accordingly, the Kingdom supports the international efforts aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

“The Kingdom expresses its grave concern over Iranian actions which are contradictory to its commitments and pose a stark contrast to what Iran always claimed that its nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes.

“The Kingdom will continue to counter the extremist ideology that is based on the rhetoric of hate and exclusion. The Kingdom is steadfast in combating the practices of terrorist groups and sectarian militias that bring destruction to people and nations.

“The Kingdom underscores the importance of the international community standing firmly against all those who support, sponsor, finance, and harbour terrorist groups and sectarian militias, or use them as a means to spread chaos and destruction, furthering their hegemony and influence,” King Al Saud added.

On why the war his country is fighting with Houthi rebels in Yemen still lingers, the King blames the rebels for continuously rejecting various peace deals.

“The Yemen Peace Initiative presented by the Kingdom in March of this year is capable of ending the conflict, stopping the bloodshed, and putting an end to the suffering of the fraternal Yemeni people.

“Unfortunately, the terrorist Houthi militia continues to reject the peaceful solutions, opting instead for the military option to control more Yemeni land, and carrying out daily aggression against civilian objects inside the Kingdom, and undermining international navigation and global energy supplies.”

King Al Saud said, “the Houthis are using the suffering of the Yemeni people and their dire need for humanitarian aid, as well as the risks presented by the deteriorating condition of the vessel FSO Safer as tools for bargaining and extortion.”

In the area of the fight against COVID-19, Saudi Arabia said it has supported the global efforts to face the pandemic with US$ 500 million, in addition to providing US$ 300 million in aid to assist the countries’ efforts to combat the pandemic.

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