A coffin is taken out of the hospital in the presence of two relatives and a funeral home employee in Venice, Italy [Marco Di Lauro-Getty Images]

Since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy, the country reported its highest deaths on Friday, data from worldometers.info has shown.

On Friday evening, Italy announced it recorded 627 deaths in a single day. This was higher than the figure for the two previous consecutive days.

While Italy has become the new epicenter for Covid-19, China where the disease originated from having been recording low cases and deaths.

Italy’s announcement of 627 deaths on Friday is the biggest day-to-day increase in the country’s four-week epidemic.

This is coming a day after the country’s death toll surpassed China’s death toll. As at the moment, the total number of deaths in Italy reached 4,032.

Meanwhile, the global death toll from the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak has continued to increase.

As at Saturday 6:20 GMT, total number of confirmed cases globally was 276,472 with 11,417 deaths.

In Europe, the death toll from Covid-19 has surpassed 5,000 – as Italy, Germany and Spain reported a steep rise in infections.

In Asia, outside China, Iran as at time of reporting has the highest number of confirmed cases with 19,644 people infected and 1433 deaths. This is followed by South Korea with 8,799 infected people and 102 deaths.

In the U.S., cases have continued to soar as the country now ranks fifth in countries with highest numbers of confirmed cases globally.

As at time of reporting, a total of 19,774 infected people had been reported with 275 deaths. There have been lots of controversies on the way the authorities have been handling the outbreak since it was first reported within its borders.

More cases are expected to be reported and state governments are beginning to order a lockdown of some areas.

Meanwhile in Africa which was one of the last continents to report cases, new confirmed cases and deaths are on the increase.

As of Saturday morning, Africa had reported 987 infected cases with over 23 deaths in over 35 countries.

Egypt still has the highest number of confirmed cases in the continent followed by South Africa and Algeria.

Nigeria has also reported 12 cases and contact tracing is still ongoing to get those who may have been in contact with infected people.

Also, new cases are being reported in countries which had previously had no reported cases.

However, all is not bad news as people have been recovering from the virus.

As at Saturday morning, 91,954 persons have been treated, recovered and discharged globally.

Also of the active cases, 165,190 are in mild condition and 7, 911 in critical condition.

More cases might still be reported globally as there is yet to be a known drug or vaccine to curb the spread.

In the meantime, the World Health Organisation has advised people to avoid public gatherings, maintain good hygiene, wash hands regularly and visit the hospital as soon as they fall ill.

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