Iran’s supreme leader officially names incoming president

FILE PHOTO - Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a televised speech, in Tehran, Iran January 8, 2021. Official Khamenei Website-Handout via REUTERS

Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has officially confirmed Ebrahim Raisi as the Islamic Republic’s incoming President.

The confirmation was made on Tuesday at a ceremony in Tehran, attended by outgoing President Hassan Rowhani.

The supreme leader noted that Mr Raisi would take the oath of office during his inauguration scheduled for Thursday.

60-year-old Mr Raisi won the presidential election in June, with almost 62 per cent of the vote.

He was also expected to present his cabinet soon.

Mr Khamenei was head of state, the military’s commander-in-chief and the country’s highest spiritual authority.

Mr Raisi was said to have been responsible for numerous arrests and execution of political dissidents while in his former position as a public prosecutor.

Politically, he was a largely unknown entity. However, in recent years, he sharply criticised Rowhani’s moderate course on several occasions, including the country’s 2015 nuclear agreement with other countries.

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