Iran promise to boost military links with Syria

Iran on Wednesday said it would assist Syria in boosting its air defence systems, the Chief of Staff of Iran’s armed forces said.

Iran is the main backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Its elite Revolutionary Guards and Iranian-backed militias have been fighting alongside al-Assad’s forces against rebels in Syria since 2011.

Earlier, Gen. Mohammed Bagheri met in Damascus with Syrian Defence Minister, Gen. Ali Ayoub.

“We will strengthen the Syrian air defence systems in the framework of strengthening military relations between the two countries,’’ Bagheri said.

He expressed his determination to enhance links with Syria against the United States unwanted pressure by the people of the region.

The Syrian Defence Minister said the United States had failed to subjugate Syria and Iran, adding that relationship between Tehran and Damascus were strategic and could not be sabotaged,’’ Ayoub said.

Syria’s state News Agency, SANA, reported that Bagheri and Ayoub had signed an agreement to boost military and security cooperation between the two countries.

Meanwhile, outposts manned by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, their allied militias and al-Assad’s army had been targeted over the past few years by Israeli and United States airstrikes in war-torn Syria.

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