PDP members accuse leaders of causing disunity in party

A member of the Board of Trustee (BOT) for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Prof Sam Oyovbaire, has described the reasons put forward for defection to All Progressives Congress (APC), by the three (3) PDP governors as baseless, illogical and untenable to the doctrines of democratic principles, norms and values.

Some members of Lagos state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have accused the leadership of the party for causing disunity in the party.

The concerned members who have set up a group known as Reset Lagos state PDP to fight for the advancement of the party stated that there is the need to put things right in the party, because the way the state chapter has been managed for over 20 years shows some leaders in the state chapter are not interested in the progress of the party.

According to the convener of the group, Dr Adetokunbo Pearse, “The purpose of this group is to reinforce the principle of democracy in our Party ; No more imposition ! No more dictatorship ! No more sharing of election money ! Zero tolerance for double agents within the party.!”

Pearse addes that, “We have questions for leaders who have failed to lead our party to victory for 20 years here in Lagos. Why have they been satisfied with losing election after election; 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, and 2019? Can it be true as alleged by some members that our leaders are on the payroll of the APC ? Is it possible that we have leaders who are satisfied with the weak status of the PDP in Lagos because they are afraid that a PDP Governor, or Senator will challenge their strangle hold on Lagos PDP?”The statement reads.

He pointed out that the manner the party state congress was disrupted last Saturday was an indication that some leaders in the party are against the party progress.

“You were all witness to the nefarious activity of some dishonorable leaders which truncated the Lagos State PDP Congress of Saturday 16th October 2021.” he stated.

He said it is high time Lagos state PDP presented the people of Lagos with efficient and God fearing candidates who will serve the people’s interest, and not turn the state into their own private liability company.

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