PDP convention, a big leap for 2019 – Omehia

As the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) holds its non-elective convention today, Chairman of the Accreditation/Contact and Mobilization Sub-Committee, Sir Celestine Omehia, has said the convention is a big leap towards the actualization of the party’s victory in 2019.

Speaking in Abuja, Omehia said the convention is different from past conventions as it is aimed at reviewing the party’s past activities and draw a plan for the future.

“What we are to do tomorrow (today) is basically to look at our records, strengthen the records, make plan for the future and move on for the next elective convention,” the former Rivers State Governor said.

Omehia further said the convention is very peculiar, saying it is the gathering of PDP people who felt so dislodged by the effects of the 2015 election.

“It is the gathering of the people who now heave a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court judgment. It is the gathering of the people who are interested in the affairs of this country after observing the dismay and harm caused by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the people of Nigeria.

“It is the gathering of the people who believe that the PDP has better offer to the people of Nigeria than the APC government.

“So, the anxiety to reunite, the anxiety to come back forcefully and takeover the mantle of leadership for the better and good system in Nigeria, is what is pushing the convention tomorrow (today) like it is supposed to be yesterday,” Omehia said.

On the issue that the PDP may not be able to bounce back stronger than it had been, Omehia dismissed the insinuation, saying that the PDP is even going to be stronger and better after the convention.

“The reason is that Nigerians have tested like two husbands and they have seen a better husband in PDP. And Nigerians have seen that the PDP, in 16 years running, have shown a direction, have shown a roadmap for the future of this country.”

“And so, many intelligent Nigerians, many well-to-do Nigerians, many good well wishers for Nigeria and Nigerians, are actually back into PDP and that will strengthen the PDP beyond what it used to be,” Omehia stated.

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