Patrick Obahiagbon: Governor Buni’s Caretaker committee not planning to serve out Comrade Oshiomhole’s tenure

Former member, House of Representative, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, has dismissed speculations that the Governor Mai Mala Buni-led Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC) is planning to serve out the remaining tenure of his former principal, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

Obahiagbon, who made the clarification at a press conference, however refrained from comparing the two national party leaderships, arguing that they operated at different period of the party’s life.
The former National Assembly member also commended the ‘coruscating achievements’ of the Governor Buni-led national leadership, praising his ‘messianic intrepidity’ since assumption of office.

On the comparison between Oshiomhole, Buni and the CECPC serving out Oshiomhole’s tenure, he said: “those issues bordering on democratic matters and I will tell you to dismiss such carnals, forpiles, to speak in platidunious, rumours, fake news. There is nothing like the Caretaker Committee planning to serve out Oshiomhole’s tenure.

“This CECPC is already progressing towards a National Convention and you ca already see work in progress. But mischief makers and political chichodos are just advised to stop their political mandibular walkabout and put the political jendi back in the bottle. These were the political chichidos I was referring to.

“On comparing Oshiomhole and Buni, I will say that question is an attempt to get at me or anyone to give a comparative analysis between this Caretaker Committee and the Oshiomhole-led APC. I want to say to you that the two adminstrations came into the life of our party at different times and different circumstances. So, there will be no basis at all for me to begin to draw comparison. But the achievements of this Caretaker Committee, I have already stated achievements inseriatin!

Earlier reading from a prepared speech, he had showered encomiums on the Caretaker Committee, noting that committee members have served with great passion and commitment.

“Let me asseverate, prestissimo, that there comes a time when some members of a political party, in spite of the gargantuan risk of been misunderstood must have the quixotic predilection, messianic intrepidity, Olympian serenity and a perfervid sense of history to stand up and speak for their party with a view to requesting purveyor’s of centrifugal proclivities to put the political genie back in the bottle and that time is now.

“It has been a year plus that members of the Caretaker Committee were given the honour of serving our great party, the APC, to pilot the affairs of the party through a testing period and organize the national convention of the party. “The members of the committee have served with great passion and commitment over the last year as they administer the affairs of the party. It is a fact too plain to be contested that the CECPC has recorded humongous achievements within a short space of time.

As you will all recall, the NEC and the party leadership in it’s sapient disposition or if you like, in it’s wisdom, appointed the CECPC with a view inter alia, to further strengthen the party, ensure it’s continued popularity with Nigerian’s and also to maintain it’s hold on power at the center and across the state’s of the federation.

“The CECPC headed by Governor Buni, and trusted with the leadership of the party was saddled with specific responsibilities that are individually and collectively critical to the growth, development, and continued national relevance of the party. Among the achievements are:

“The planning and conduct of a nationwide APC Membership Registration/Revalidation Exercise.

“Reconciliation of all the lingering disputes amongst members within the party, among others.

“Conduct of Congresses at the Ward, LGA, and State Levels, which is currently ongoing.

“Constitutional Amendment for the party.

“National Convention which is work in progress.

“And as well as the daily running of the official affairs of the party.

“The secretariat and the entire members of the CECPC, have been putting their nose to the grindstone, assiduously to deliver value for every task undertaken by the committee,” he said.

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