Folashade Olabanji-Oba

Vice-Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government, Princess Olashade Olabanji-Oba has charged women to take their rightful position, saying political environment is toxic and only the strong could influence Nigerian politics.

Olabanji-Oba who spoke on the premise that women have been relegated politically, maintained that power is not served a-la-carte. She added that women should not expect anyone to bring power to them in their homes.

“We need more women not just as mouthpiece nor for making noise but women that are passionately ready to serve and not be discouraged no matter how tough politics is in Nigeria. Women need to sacrifice for the future generation. Nigeria will be great and women must make sure they are part of its greatness,” she said.

In an interview with Vanguard, she called on Nigerian leaders to prioritize women, saying that any country that fails to prioritize women is short-changing itself. “No nation can survive in politics without the active involvement of women in key positions at all levels,” she said.

According to her: “Women are built to multi-task. They are built for the world to grow. And so, it is impossible for a nation to grow without identifying the role of women. When you build a woman, you are building the future of the nation,” she maintained.

While imploring women to occupy their rightful positions in politics, she noted that their active involvement would make male politicians to respect them.

The princess charged women to ensure they raise their wards to be the best in the country, adding that only the best can influence the nation positively. “If our children are brought up very well, Nigeria will no doubt be one of the best countries in the world.

“As women, we must ensure we hold up and hold forth for the home-front; as helpmate for our husbands and the best mother, teacher and provider that we can be for our children,” she advised.

On the moral decadence in the society, she said: “There are many mindsets that need to be worked upon. I am proud of Africa’s rich cultural heritage and we need to flaunt it as women.”

She encouraged women to dress moderately and not necessarily looting the bank.

“Dressing means being moderate and proud of yourself whenever you are and knowing that the access you have for the day could be the breakthrough of your life and so, we must not be careless.

“I had a boss that taught me how to dress each day as most people I meet mean so much to me. Your dressing would be a yardstick for them to know if they can do business with you or not.

“Dressing is power and power is possession and you must key into it, so be kind to yourself, look good. It comes from within, if you do not have it inside, you cannot radiate it outside. Load up yourself and be the best you want to be each day.”

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