A Nigerian Entrepreneur and Advocate for Youth Employment and Good Governance, Obidike Chukwuebuka, who hails from Nnewi North L.G.A Anambra state said; “Contemporary politics in South east is full of godfatherism and struggle to portray ”I am in charge”.

Many has gone as far as paying strong allegiance to the North for political back up and favouritism to be used against any other rival from south East who tries to rise against him. Igbos like power too much. Look at the problem in Ohanaeze.

Ekweremadu and other leaders failed South east. They didn’t foster spirit of unity rather they brought up politics of calumny and division. They still have the opportunity to rewrite the wrongs

“Eastern Nigeria before the coming of white men was known for peace and progress. During the colonial era Igbo’s were known for egalitarian society (equality,equity and join decision making body headed by the oldest man, Nze ne ozo and Youths known then as Age grade all inclusive). This is why warrant chief didn’t work during the indirect rule policy of Lord Lugard.

“Unity is seen everywhere in Igbo land. During the introduction of Richard constitution in 1944 which brought regional system of Government, Zik and other politicians in Eastern Nigeria didn’t witness lack of unity or loyalty unlike what was seen in Western Region between Awolowo and S.L Akintola.

“During the civil war Igbo’s didn’t record treason or lack of unity. Even after the war Igbos recovered both economically and politically and that’s why Alex Ekwueme was made Shehu Shagari Vice President from 1979-1983. Our main problem started in 1999 after the return of democracy. If you check list of those that had been Senate President in Nigeria since 1960 till date Igbos dominated about 75%. Lack of unity started due to betrayal and too much hunger for power.

“If you look at Anambra for instance there has been many political battle, Ngige never completed tenure as Governor, Peter managed to get mandate from Supreme court, impeachment and other thing’s. Our politics became so stiff, bloody and full of back stabbing Rochas in Imo state was begged by his people to return home and become their Governor. Mandate was given to him in platter under APGA but he kicked off back stabbing, fast tracked the impeachment of his Deputy to cripple his then godfather to rise as godfather of Imo politics.

In igbo land we don’t like worshipping a King and hate it when an individual claim godfatherism. Use the struggle for who is who in South east APC as an example between Rochas, Hope Uzodimma and other Abuja cartels as an example. Those are the thing’s that tore our politics apart and created hatred and calumny.” Obidike concluded.

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