Favour Ayodele joins ADC, to run for president

A former independent aspirant during the 2019 presidential election, Dr Favour Ayodele, has joined the African Democratic Congress (ADC) to pursue his presidential ambition.

While speaking to journalists at the party secretariat in Abuja, Ayodele said he made his decision to present himself for the service of the country, by running for the office of President.

He added that his aspiration was not about personal ambition or for selfish purposes but for the 20 million out of school children and about 20 million people living with disabilities.

Ayodele cautioned those calling for the peaceful break-up of the country, warning that no break-up is healthy, as division always leads to a reduction of value.

After 60 years of living together, including inter-tribal marriages, business transactions and investments, he wondered how to ensure an equitable division or separation.

He said, “What Nigeria needs right now is a Party with a political ideology that unites us, not divides us further at home and in the diaspora. What Nigeria needs right now is a party with a philosophy that empowers us, not degrade us or embarrass us”.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Party, Mr Ralph Nwosu, said for more than 20 years the country had been facing different challenges, ranging from banditry to kidnapping and general insecurity.

He said all these challenges were a result of bad leadership and a lack of political will to do the needful.

Nwosu added that “ADC is about volunteering services, just like young men or women who put their lives on the line to join military service and that is how public service should be. But the reverse is the case with the kind of politicians we have today who see politics as a money-making venture”.

“We welcome you proudly because you are a distinguished Nigerian. We need servants and dedicated leaders like you to lead this country,’’ the ADC chairman said.

He added that the ADC had been working with other political parties and institutions to achieve its desire of “enthroning a better Nigeria”

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