Coalition vows to mobilise workers to form political party

Piqued by the current challenges facing Nigeria as a nation, a coalition, the People’s Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) has vowed to mobilise the working class and individuals to form a political party towards bringing about the socialist transformation of Nigeria.

The coalition made this known at the maiden town hall meeting in Lokoja at the weekend, stated that the TPAP-M has been established as a movement for engagement, social intervention and struggle for political power.

The Chairman, Steering Committee of TPAP-M, Mr Opaluwa Eleojo, has disclosed that the time has come for the people to rescue the nation from near-total collapse in view of the litany of challenges confronting the country now.

“We are going to mobilize the working masses of Nigeria towards attaining political power replacing the Nigerian ruling class and end anti-people economic and social policies.

“We are going to strengthen our relationship with the labour movement to fully empower the working masses, broaden the base and promote working peoples’ control of the political and economic process of Nigeria for the realization of Socialist transformation of Nigeria.

Opaluwa pointed out that as part of central its organizing and mobilising work among the popular masses, the TPAP-Movement would build and organize among the women, the youth, the students, peasants, artisan, and other exploited and victimized disadvantaged groups in and outside the country.

He lamented that based on current challenges of poverty, insecurity, violence and general fear posed to Nigeria and her peoples by ethnic, religious and other divide and rule mobilisation, noting that it has been affirmed that the Nigerian ruling class is unable to resolve the crisis facing Nigeria.

“It is, therefore, only a socialist transformation of Nigeria that can adequately address myriad of problems. This was a consensus of Nigerian people during the national political debate organised by the federal Military government in 1986,” he posited.

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