Call for Buhari’s resignation laughable – Group

The Nigeria Female President Initiative, NFPI, has described the protest planned to call on President Muhammadu Buhari, to resign or resume as laughable.

Convener of the group, Mr Felix Akpoyibo, in a statement said instead of wasting their resources, the organisers of the protest should channel their efforts to issues that will positively impact on the masses because Nigerians were fed up with protests as they are motivated by political and personal interests.

“Nigerians are interested in protest that will galvanize the yearnings of the masses such as youth unemployment, electricity, hunger, poverty and efforts that will tackle inflation in the country,” he said.

The group stressed that the progress recorded so far in the war against corruption, gradual defeat of Boko Haram, partial eradication of fuel scarcity in Nigeria do not guarantee a pass mark for the Buhari/Osinbajo administration until they technically tackle and defeat the problem of electricity, poverty, hunger and youth unemployment before the administration would earn the support of the masses.”

He called on protesters and civil society organisations to focus on the unity and corporate existence of Nigeria that is being threatened by ethnic agitations before the situation snowballs into a conflagration that would make a replay of Southern Sudan scenario in Nigeria.

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