Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq

The All Progressives Congress in Kwara State has raised the alarm over an alleged plot to implicate its governorship candidate, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

The allegation was contained in a statement on Saturday by the Kwara State chapter of the party.

The statement said: “We wish to alert the general public to intelligence report that the Kwara PDP, in connivance with the state government, plans to bring thugs with dangerous weapons into the state to disrupt the peaceful electioneering campaign of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the APC candidate.

“The plot involves thugs masquerading as APC supporters, wearing shirts and vests branded with APC logo and name of the candidate, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, to give the impression that APC supporters are responsible for whatever evil acts they may commit. They also plot to flood the town with machetes branded with the name of the candidate to unleash violence on the state so as to portray the APC and its candidate in a bad light.

“We have resisted the temptation to dismiss these reports as mere distraction common during electioneering. However, we are mindful of the antecedents of PDP and its sponsors in Kwara State. We recall that similar underhand tactics were used in the past – especially from 2003 through 2011 – to portray their opponents as violent, whereas they, indeed, were the ones who plotted all the evil.

“Our party and candidate are irrevocably committed to the sanctity of human life and property. We are committed to the social, economic and political uplift of the good people of Kwara State through decent and peaceful electioneering campaign, believing it is the acceptable route to secure a brighter future for our people. This is why we say O To Gé to crippling poverty and underdevelopment in Kwara State.

“We therefore urge the security agencies to do everything to abort this plot to unleash violence on the people of our state.”

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