APC group: President Buhari assenting to electoral bill will enliven democracy

President Muhammadu Buhari Tuesday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, attributed growing social unrest to inequalities and unfair policies that exclude the majority from opportunities for participation, calling on world leaders and global investors to prioritise inclusive and humane policies.

A group known as ReviveAPC said President Muhammadu Buhari assenting the recently transmitted Electoral Bill 2021, will not only be writing his name in golden but enliven democracy.

This is even as it has been applauded by the members of the National Assembly for their courage and forthrightness in upholding the direct primaries option as a constitutional mandate of electing party leadership in the country.

Recall that the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly matters (Senate), Senator Babajide Omoworare, had confirmed the transmission of the bill to President Buhari on Friday.

ReviveAPC in a statement by its Chairman, Sen. Umar Dahiru Tambuwal, said by “assenting to this singular Act, the President would not only be etching his name in gold but further enlivening his patent vision of a thriving democracy championed by the true wishes of the majority.”

The group described this singular act by the lawmakers as a major landmark towards “oxygenating the essence of our democracy, where the representation of the people indeed reflects their true choices through their direct votes for party leadership.”

The group added, “At #ReviveAPC, our stance has never wavered from the sanctity of the people’s true choices at all levels of party leadership. This, we believe, is the defining anchor of democracy and the bedrock of true APC party politics. It is our firm conviction that whatever is fundamental to our democracy, takes its inherent shape from the characters of our political parties. This act, we believe, is a true representation of the cardinal vision of the All Progressives Congress, where the interests and preferences of the majority are not hijacked by the ambitions and manipulations of a few.

“As a group that is peopled by loyal and conscientious party members, we uphold that our fidelity with the underlying principles of equity and justice are the foundation of APC. The pristine execution of such principles, therefore, within the permissibility of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are paramount. We are also faithful to our resolute responsibility to the expectations of our party members as well as those of all patriotic Nigerians who have invested their hopes and aspirations in our capacity as the political party that can reinvent a greater Nigeria.

“Our mission is instructively tailored to revive, refocus and reposition the founding values of our great party. And this landmark constitutional mandate of the Direct Primaries by our lawmakers is one of the major anchors of entrenching such a democracy.”

The group said it was, therefore “expedient to appeal to the conscientious leaders of our party and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari to, as a matter of national urgency, assent to this very important amendment. By assenting to this singular Act, Mr President would not only be etching his name in gold but further enlivening his patent vision of a thriving democracy championed by the true wishes of the majority. With his unmistakable stance, we believe Mr President would see this Act as a path to improving governance and installing true leaders across the length and breadth of our nation. It is our solemn appeal to Mr President, that appending his signature to this document, enlarges our leadership fortune as a nation.

“Of course, we are not unmindful of the antics of the privileged minority within and out of our political party to upturn this landmark amendment to the Electoral Act; however, we can only be strengthened by our faith in the voices of the decent majority who have established the foundation of our political processes and that these leadership challenges do not represent the altruistic interests of the people.

“It is not a coincidence that the same set of governors that oppose fiscal independence of local government system from their control are fighting tooth-and-nail to bury the direct primaries as a process of leadership selection. It is evident where some of our leadership challenges are actually rooted. The question to ask then is: Does the true reflection of the wishes of the majority threaten any leadership that truly champions the interests of that majority?

May God strengthen our collective resolve to stand for what benefits the nation and pushes Nigeria ever relentlessly towards her greatness.”

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