Kenneth Udeze, the national chairman of Action Alliance, has been kidnapped by armed attackers.

The leadership of the Action Alliance (AA) has again disowned the former national chairman of the party, Mr Kenneth Udeze, describing him as a persona non grata.

Rising from its monthly National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting, the party declared that Udeze had since seazed to be a member of the party, having being expelled from the party since last year.

The National Secretary of the party, Mr Oluwasesan Omotoso who signed the communique issued at the end of the meeting, called on security agencies and the general public to disregard Udeze.

The communique reads “to start with, Kenneth Udeze has ceased to be a member of Action Alliance with his suspension from the party in 2019. He was finally expelled from the party in 2020, having failed to defend himself against all allegations of corruption and anti party levelled against him.

“The security agencies in Nigeria are also being prompted by this medium to be watchful of the antics of the criminally minded fellow and his cohorts.

“Kenneth Udeze is a professional confusionist. He is so good at it that even the eagle eyes of law enforcers could be confounded most times by his mastery in the trade. While he was our National Secretary up to 2017, when he manoeuvred himself to become chairman by charades, which was adjudged by INEC as fraudulent, a single penny never got paid into the party’s bank account. This was openly stated by the then National Treasurer of the party to the hearing of leaders.

“In 2019 buildup to the general elections, this recalcitrant impostor manipulated his then handpicked protege National protegery, James Vernimbe to sell the party to opposing interests for personal aggrandizement. The confusion that followed this shook the party to its foundation, as the various interests he defrauded came after the party.

“A mediocre in the real sense of the word, Udeze has no other means of livelihood other than using our party to defraud unsuspecting persons and groups with subtle crafted trickery.

“Now, he is orchestrating another confusion that is capable of causing disruption of public peace. He is said to be planning an inauguration of a pseudo executive of a non existent party in Abuja. We call on our national security operatives to be vigilant and ensure that this accursed fellow does not pull us out in a bid to stop him from his unending shenanigans. We are law abiding responsible party men. However, if this rouge is not checked, we may not be able to hold our agitated members across the nation for too long.

“The criminal impersonating activities of this master forger must be stopped, as we can not continue to condole his deformation of our party image.

“The general public is hereby advised to crosscheck from INEC website who the leaders of Action Alliance are in Nigeria today. Anyone who deals with Kenneth Udeze and gets extorted in the process should note that the party is not in anyway culpable,” the communique added.

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