‘Not Too Young to Run’ Bill, one of 8th NASS’s greatest achievements – Bindow

Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa state has commended the 8th National Assembly on the constitutional amendment of “Not Too Young to Contest Law”, saying the law would positively alter the economic and political turf of the country.

The governor, who spoke Friday, in Yola, during the 2017 National Youth Council of Nigeria, Adamawa state chapter elections, said that the only way the country could make rapid economic, political and social progress is to involved youths in leadership and policy formulations positions.

The governor, who was represented by the commissioner of Youth and sports, Mr. Augustine Ayuba, said that Nigeria had been moving at a snail speed due to low participation of youth in policy formulations.

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“When you want quick destruction involve youths and you will see the damage within few minutes, they are both mentally and physically energetic, the same thing can happen when that energy is utilized for progress and development but we are not taking full advantage of their strength. In the modern world, youths are in the driver’s seat not the old”, he said.

He maintained that the new law has opened gate for youths to take over from their grand parents that are still occupying leadership positions for speedy development to take place at low cost.

“We should stop pretending because there is limit in life, age cannot allow us to do certain things because our brain is weak not that we are not intelligent, that is why even an old jeep car cannot contest speed with a new starlet car due to the weakness of the engine, we human beings are the same, so, in the country’s best interest, let’s give the youth the chance to move the country on the speed lane,” he stated.

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