UNN business school graduates nine pioneer doctorate students

A total of nine doctorate students have graduated from the University of Nigeria’s business school, Enugu.

The students who graduated from different executive doctoral programmes, including economic policy management, business and public leadership, became the pioneer doctorate students of the school.

Speaking during a graduation and dinner ceremony organised by the students, the Director of the Business School, Professor Josaphat Onwumere, said the students must always keep the flag flying, being the institution’s pioneer students.

“They must always represent the true image of the university, which sets out to restore the dignity of man wherever they find themselves,” he said. He noted that as the first institution to offer doctorate degrees, the school had a programme called public leadership which was intended to groom the students interested in leading in both business and government.

“We introduced the programme because, in public leadership, we not only look at those who occupy positions but also those who are following,” he said, adding that “if the leader goes astray, you should be able to call him to order.”

He explained that when they came in, the management promised to make sure that they graduate after three years. “We kept to our promise, although many people do not believe it was possible to achieve that, especially in UNN.”

In his reaction, Eze Emmanuel, one of the pioneers graduating students, said he is prepared to add value to society with the knowledge he has gained over the last three years.

“The future belongs to those who are willing to unlearn and relearn and that are essentially what I came to the UNN business school to do for three years. I would not have gone elsewhere to seek the knowledge I have gained here,” he said.

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