Unijos students urged to develop stress resilience mechanisms

Following the growing cases of stresses and depression among youths across the country resulting in rampant cases of suicide, students of the University of Jos has been admonished to develop stress resistant mechanisms to be able to cope with life challenges.

The students have also been told not to allow anything distract their focus on their academic career

The admonition is contained in a distinguished Alumni lecture organized by the University of Jos Directorate of Alumni Relations when they hosted one of the alumni Mrs. Joy Chinoyerem Emeghara of Chevron Nigeria Limited.

Mrs Emeghara who spoke on “Building Resilience” as the guest lecturer pointed out that, “There are so many factors that are available in campuses and the society to distract students from concentration on academic work such as cultism, social media, poor learning environment, peer group etc.

“Notwithstanding, you are in the school for a purpose and that purpose must be achieved not minding these challenges that tends to distract you from your studies”

Emeghara who belong to class 99 in the faculty of natural sciences of the university said, “Most of these immediate challenges has been there in those days when we were students, but we still graduated successfully without allowing these negative factors to pull us down.

“All you need to do is to belief in yourself and build up resilience to be able to cope. You may be good in academic but if you don’t develop this resilience against psychological depression you are bound to be overwhelmed by stress and lose concentration.

“Take the university as a platform for you to develop yourself and realize you potential, and also consider the fact that your life is for you to manage and manage effectively by resisting friendships or classmates that does not add value to your academic development.

“Be confident and be strong-minded to say no to material things, say no to cultism.

“Once you are in the school as an undergraduate, just develop the strong spirit to progress against all odds. I am a living example, I faced series of personal challenges, but I told myself I must earn a good degree from the school, and I succeeded. You too can succeed, just make up your mind to succeed”

Vice Chancellor of the university Professor Sabastine Maimako who was represented by the dean Faculty of Natural Sciences Prof Georgina Mwansat said it has became necessary for the university to organize regular talk with the students on stress management and life coping mechanisms based on recent depression related accidents among the youths.

Prof Maimako said, “Our students, present and former, are the major assets of the institution, and we will not be happy to lose any of them. Hence, we are interested in their future and we will do all our best to make them excellent in school and in the life after school.

“The guest lecturer is a good example of what we want our former students to be and we will encourage present students not to allow anything around them to distract you from facing your books and graduating in flying colors.

The VC noted that the university management has within the last two years strived to make the school environment so conducive for our students by embarking on massive construction of social infrastructures.

In his remarks, the director of Advancement office, Samuel Muansat commend the guest lecturer for been a good product of the institution, saying the university has made a tradition to keep track of their former students and regards them as critical stakeholders to the school.

He encouraged the students to emulate the resilience of Mrs. Emeghara so as to become a role model to others coming behind.

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