Striking resident doctors urged to obey order of industrial court

The Director-General of Michael Imoudu National Institute for Labour Studies (MINILS), Comrade Issa Aremu, has appealed to the striking National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) to obey the ruling of the National Industrial Court (NIC) ordering its members to return to work and negotiate outstanding issues of disputes through social dialogue with the relevant health authorities.

Resident doctors across public health facilities in Nigeria have been on strike for over 40 days citing several reasons, which included delays in the payment of salaries and allowances and the payment of COVID-19 treatment allowances in the absence of death-in-service insurance.

In a statement made available to Journalists, Aremu also appealed to health authorities to shelve the threat of “no work, no pay”, against the striking doctors.

The Labour leader described the order of the National Industrial Court as “a win-win ruling” which he said gave both the health authorities and the striking doctors “an ample opportunity” to suspend all forms of hostilities and maintain the status quo ante.

He, therefore, urged the National Association of Resident Doctors ( NARD) to return to the negotiation table and ensure an agreement “that is binding all parties”.

“ Doctors have the right to appeal, even go as far as the Supreme Court, but in the world of work, court judgements are zero-sum game with winners and losers and attendant death toll with respect to the present strikes. Both the doctors and health authorities should strive “not for court judgements” but for “Industrial justice”, which can only come through negotiations and compromises at negotiation tables” Aremu said.

The Director-General said it was time all stakeholders took advantage of the labour education services at the Institute adding that the current doctors’ strike “was preventable, and avoidable ” if there was sufficient knowledge about industrial relations by all the parties, with respect to the sanctity of collective agreements, social dialogue and compromises.

In continuation of the hearing on the case brought against the doctors by the Federal government on Friday, Justice Bashar Alkali of the NIC ruled in favour of the government and ordered the striking doctors to resume work.

In last year alone, medical practitioners were on strike three times over demands for allowances for treating COVID-19 patients and increment in basic salary.

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