BudgIT's Seun Onigbinde

Seun Onigbinde, who is the Technical Adviser to the Minister of State, Budget and National Planning, Clem Agba, has said that he neither deleted nor deactivated his Twitter account due to the new appointment.

Onigbinde, who is also the co-founder of Budgit, a social enterprise dedicated to calling for accountability and transparency in governance resurfaced on Twitter, hours after he trended on the social media platform following reactions to his appointment.

Addressing the claims that he had deleted or deactivated his Twitter account, Onigbinde said, “The truth is I didn’t deactivate/delete my account because of the advisory role. Those who follow me keenly know that I do sometimes to declutter & focus. I didn’t know yesterday morning would be the day. But, I knew it would come.

“I am also glad that I wasn’t online. I ran (out) of airtime & data. Maybe if I read everything, I would have lost my emotional balance. I am grateful in all things. I pray to do my best & not undermine the values I mentioned in my note. If my tweets hurt you, I am sorry.

“Everything said had a context that was also packed with emotions and expectations. May the Lord make it easy. May our voice be strong.”

It was be recalled that Onigbinde had come under heavy criticism on Friday for accepting an appointment in an administration, he had criticised. Even as the criticisms rolled in, there were those, who applauded the move and termed it a step in the right direction.

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