Senate president tells protesters to leave the streets

President of the Senate Ahmad Lawan on Tuesday tasked top security officials to beef up security measures at the National Assembly.

Senate President Ahmad Lawan has called on protesters to leave the streets, saying the plundering and destruction of properties across the country have distorted the purpose of the protest.

Lawan said this today.

“Now that the mindless carnage has distorted the purpose of the protests, I urge the youths to join hands with the authorities in bringing an urgent cessation to the violence,” Lawan said.

“I also call for a thorough investigation of every criminal act that we have witnessed in the past few weeks with a view to bringing to justice all those elements who have so callously destroyed public and private property.”

Lawan did not condemn the army crackdown in Lagos that triggered the latest wave of violence, which has since spread across the country.

“I call on our patriotic youths to leave the streets as the government has heard their voices and is addressing their grievances.” he said. This is also necessary to avoid unwittingly continuing to provide covers for the criminals and fifth columnists in our midst.”

Lawan said the senate is working with the executive arm of government to meet the demands of the #EndSARS protesters. He said the National Assembly is committed to police reform.

Sources told newsmen that senators have been in disagreement over whether or not they should immediately reconvene to address the army crackdown in Lagos.

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