Rommy Ezeonwuka: Bury all corpses and close down mortuaries

All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Board of Trustees member Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka has advised Christians, particularly those of Igbo extraction, and traditionalists to desist from interning corpses in mortuaries.

According to Chief Ezeonwuka, who spoke at his Rojeny Games Village, Oba, Anambra State, ‘a dead body has no place in the land of the living. It is as simple as that. What is the point in storing dead bodies, if not to pollute the environment and spread unimaginable diseases in the atmosphere?

‘Before 1983, conservancy service contractors were in the job of collecting human faecal waste products to dispose of them. At that time, faeces and urine were collected together in the same bucket, leading to odour and pollution issues.

‘This practice continued until God sent the Buhari and Idiagbon administration to save the country from such evil environmental pollution which was introduced to us by the colonial intruders.

‘However, upon the termination of that practice, our people embarked on a deadlier and soul-destroying exercise of polluting the environment with corpses all in the name of “preserving” them until when the family is ready for a funeral.

‘One, therefore, wonders what would have become of this country if the Buhari and Idiagbon administration did not abolish the bucket system of human waste evacuation; probably it would still be in practice today because nobody would see any wrong in it. A lot of people who criticise Buhari’s present administration do not have knowledge of the miracle he performed for the country when it comes to environmental sanitation.

‘Today, even the government would not dare to abolish the practice of stockpiling dead bodies in mortuaries because Christians who are blinded by religion will attack such policy. A dead body is many times more poisonous than human faeces but religion and lack of spirituality has made even learned people behave foolishly,’ he said.

According to Chief Ezeonwuka, there are many disembodied souls moving around and possessing the youths ‘because their corpses are still lying helplessly in mortuaries scattered all over the country.’

He noted that the situation informed the Igbo adage that “na mmadu na akpaghari ka ozu akwaghi akwa” (“people roam around like a corpse when a funeral is not performed”).

He declared that there are spiritual consequences that come from stockpiling corpses without quick burials.

Church leaders, traditional rulers and even political leaders, Ezeonwuka said, must look into the situation and close down mortuaries in the country accordingly.

‘If we truly desire sustainable peace and development in Igbo land and the country at large, all the dead must be laid six feet down to Mother Earth upon their demise and then a funeral can come later; otherwise, we shall continue to fight a lost battle,’ he concluded.

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