Restructuring not solution to Nigeria’s problems – Don

A professor of Political Science from University of Ibadan, Bayo Okunade, has declared that restructuring of the country being agitated for by some section of Nigerians is not the solution to the immediate problems that the nation is having at hand at present.

Speaking in Osogbo, Osun State Capital during a lecture he delivered titled: “Excellence In Public Service and the Public Good” at a maiden annual lecture of Moses Inaolaji Aboaba Trust Foundation, Okunade noted that even if there would be restructuring, there must be timetable setting the agenda because it is nothing that can be achieved within the next five years.

While submitting that the presidential system of government that the country is operating presently is not the best system, Professor Okunade however warned that it is not in the best interest for the country to be changing system of government.

He said that the only way out is for current operators of the system of government to make it work and adaptable.

According to him, “we cannot be changing the system of government at will and now that we are close to another election. We are just in a difficult terrain and we must make the system work out.

“The operators must also have change of attitude because the report of APC recommendations on restructuring was burned out of corruption.

“Already, there are APC recommendation on restructuring and it is mainly party agenda and even if we are ready for restructuring, there is need for the government to draw up timetable because it is not something that we can do in five years.

On the idea of formation of coalition movement by some notable Nigerians, Professor Okunade described the move as a waste of time.

According to him, coalition movement is not known to law of Nigeria and will not work. Those in coalition should go and join political party because it is only political party that is known to law of the country.

“As at present, it is just movement and there is no way such movement could register as political party with the little time remaining to the next general elections.

Also speaking at the event, the former Chief of Defence Staff, Chief Alani Akinrinade, said that the attack being given to APC report on restructuring is not fair, adding that it is a step to readdressing the problem of the country.

He said that the only thing left is just to prosecute such changes with proper monitoring for positive results

He also averred that politicians have penetrated into the civil service, adding that all should be blamed for the problems we are confronted with in the country.

He noted: “If we need to restructure this country, certain institutions such as police and others needed to be decentralized because Nigeria remain unitary in practice and federal in structure.

In his welcome address, the Initiator of the Lecture, Chief Moses Inaolaji Aboaba, said the mission of the Foundation is to lift the underprivileged and assist them to become useful and responsible members of the society.

He said that the Foundation is also to assist needy but brilliant students with financial support, give annually, interest-free loans to widows in Igbajo community as a way of enhancing their business activities and sustenance.

The programme was attended by top government functionaries especially civil servants as a way to achieve synergy in public service and public good.

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