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A Muslim scholar, Professor Abdulrazzaq Alaro, has called on Muslims to obey the commandments of Almighty Allah and live a righteous life, in order to enjoy the life of this world and afterwards.

The Scholar made the call on Tuesday while delivering an annual Ramadan sermon at Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, Kuntu area, Ilorin.

Alaro said that it is written in the holy Quran; ‘Suratul Baqarah’, where Allah says; anybody who is against any of His wordings is being regarded as been stupid.

“This is because, as it is commonly said that ‘the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom’, it is not only the beginning of wisdom but the beginning and end of wisdom.

“Wisdom begin and end with being obedient to the words of Almighty Allah, if we understand this verse of the Quran, we will understand that any deviation from the path, laid down by our creator is the beginning of failure.

“Because He is our creator, and for the simple reason that He created us, we should understand that He is in the best position to determine what is right and wrong, what is in our interest and what is dangerous for us,” he said.

The professor cited some examples of how people deviated from the path of Almighty Allah, which actually points to the fact that they were behaving in an unwise manner.

“Wisdom begins and ends with being obedient to Almighty Allah and whatever He ordains, take the instance of somebody worshipping Idol that was moulded, that is even of a lower standard to him as a human being.

“Almighty Allah made it clear to us in the holy Quran that; the children of Adam, human beings, mankind are at the highest level of creation.

“So, somebody that has been put in the highest level, now diverting from his honour, dignity and bringing himself so low, to the level of worshipping an object below his standard.

“Like those that are promiscuous in nature, those that steal from others and even those that lie about everything they do, all these people are foolish, as they think they can hide from their sins.

“Almighty Allah sees everyone and everything that is happening, and He is a just God, who will punish them accordingly,” he said.

The Professor further said that going against any of Almighty Allah’s command actually signifies behaving in an unwise manner, and prayed that Almighty Allah helps us understand this act to see wisdom, righteousness in what has been ordained.

He advised Muslim faithful to move closer to Allah in the holy month of Ramadan and ask for whatever they want and by His grace, their prayers shall be accepted.

“Almighty Allah understands all languages and hears all our call, even the ones we say in our minds, as He is closer to us than the veins of our body,” he said.

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