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The National Orientation Agency, NOA, Sunday, shared tips on what Nigerians should expect from the COVID-19 vaccination.

Read them below…

1. What are #COVID19 vaccines? #COVID19 vaccines aim to prevent the virus by triggering an immune response. If vaccinated, you are fully protected!

2. Immunity you will get from #COVID19 vaccination is scientifically proven to be effective. Vaccination is the best protection and it is SAFE!

3. Nigerian Government is in the process to procure vaccine to protect citizens from contracting the virus.

4. People with underlying medical conditions such as heart and lung diseases, diabetes or cancer have nothing to fear. #COVID19 infection has more impact on them, hence the need to be vaccinated.

5. Mild side effects may occur as in any other vaccination. However, the vaccine has been proven to be effective and safe on humans.

6. Why do I get vaccinated? It is recommended that you are vaccinated to stay safe from #COVID19 infection to prevent you from getting sick or dying.

7. Can pregnant and lactating mothers receive the vaccine? NO. Studies are yet to be conducted to ascertain safety of the vaccine if administered on pregnant or lactating mothers.

8. No safety or standard procedures compromised in the development and production of #COVID19 vaccine syringe. It is certified to be SAFE!

9. Do I still wear face mask Performing arts? Wearing a face mask is one of the effective non-pharmaceutical Intervention (NPIs) to #StopTheSpread of #COVID19.

10. Disregard claim that the #COVID19 vaccine contains a micro-chip. NAFDAC will certify the vaccine safe before being administered by the Federal Ministry of Health through the National Primary Health Care Development Agency.

11. How do I know if the vaccine is safe? All vaccines receive approval from WHO. In addition to that, NAFDAC will certify any vaccine safe on human including #COVID19 vaccine.

The most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, tiredness and difficulty in breathing. If you experience any of the symptoms, visit a nearby health care facility.

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