Former Nigerian oil minister tasks US president on global peace, security

As socio-economic and political crisis jolt Nigeria and other nations across the globe, a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Dan Etete, has called on the United States President, Joe Biden, to use his position as the leader of the most powerful country to steer the world away from disaster by bringing hope, love and unity to the poor, homeless, hungry, traumatized people as well as the rich and affluent in the society.

In a statement released on Saturday, the former Minister noted that President Biden has proved to be “a man of peace, goodwill and justice for all mankind”.

He said the American President is best suited to carry out the onerous task of saving the world and mankind from the looming disaster.

“There is so much danger, hunger, poverty, anger, despondency and godlessness in the world that only a God-chosen man like him can save the world from the precipice and imminent collapse and disaster,” Chief Etete stated.

He further urged President Biden to earnestly engage in constructive dialogue with Russia, China and Iran in the interest of global peace, security and development, adding that “God will surely assist him in executing this divine assignment”.

“Mr. Biden is endowed with the wisdom and courage to do the needful by taking up the gauntlet to make the world a better place,” the former Minister stated.

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