The Newspapers Distribution Association of Nigeria (NDAN) has elected new executives.

The Newspapers Distribution Association of Nigeria (NDAN) has elected new executives.

Speaking at the swearing-in of the newly elected executive members of the Lagos Island zone, the newly elected Chairman, Godwin Akpan, called on government and media house owners to alleviate their plight.

He pleaded: “Media houses owners and government should collaborate with the leadership of NDAN, identify and gather data and carry out their needs. Our priority is to reposition and rebrand our distribution hall to improve standards.

“Media houses and government should provide an enabling environment for distributors and vendors by improving the Infrastructure, empower and educate distributors and vendors in their operators

“Government should step-up efforts by urgently reducing the cost of newspaper and magazine production, especially newsprint, so that the cover prices could also come down for people to be able to afford it. People prefer to go through the headlines or read on social media platforms. This is affecting newspaper business adversely.

“Media owners and the government should collaborate to provide insurance cover for vendors in case of accidents –Vendors and Agents are endangered species– and other occupational hazards.”

Established in 1989, NDAN was primarily established to “bring all agents and vendors nationwide together for the purpose of understanding themselves, promoting the general welfare of members, providing means to live in unity and harmony and contributing their quota to the progress of the country.”

Akpan commended the outgoing Chairman, Mr. Bola Folorunsho (2011-2017), and his executives as well as Innocent Ezenyi (2005- 2011), the first Chairman of the association, for their performances.

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