[email protected]: NAS task President Buhari to rise above primordial interests

The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) has tasked President Muhammadu Buhari to rise above primordial interests on issues of governance to salvage the country from total collapse.

The NAS Capoon, Mr Abiola Owoaje in an open letter to the President on the occasion of the 61st Independence Anniversary titled: “Nigeria must not die under your watch” while decrying what he described as nepotistic governance, primordial sentiments over national interest, insecurity, corruption and economic crisis which has characterised his government in the last six years, said he should think like a statesman in the remaining part of his tenure to leave a lasting legacy in the country.

Owoaje who acknowledged some infrastructural developments undertaken by the Buhari administration however noted that the President can do more especially by fixing the power problems of Nigeria.

According to him, the path of development does not lie in giving cash handouts to Nigerians but through industrialization which can only be possible if the country has a steady electricity supply.

The statement read in part: Mr President, by October 1, 2022, you would be giving your last Independence speech as President and Nigerians would be hoping to have your scorecard. As we celebrate this year’s Independence anniversary, it is time for you to think about the legacy you want to leave for Nigerians. We implore you to listen to all the voices calling on you to move against criminal elements in the country. The first step is to declare bandits as terrorists and stop the indefensible posture of your Presidency over the endless cycle of violence perpetrated by these mindless marauders.

Secondly, you must see yourself as a statesman and President of Nigeria by immediately jettisoning the idea of reactivating colonial grazing routes. You must lend your support to the ban on open grazing and fashion ways where the Federal Government and the various state governments especially in southern Nigeria would live in harmony with herders. To this end, you must reinforce your directive to security operatives to arrest marauding herdsmen caught with guns and ensure their prosecution.

“Like we have noted before, we want to reiterate that you have an ample opportunity as President to enthrone fiscal federalism by pursuing constitutional amendments with vigour in line with your electioneering promises. This would ensure just distribution of income, promote economic stability and enthrone efficient allocation of resources to federating units which ultimately benefits all citizens.

“Majority of Nigerians are disillusioned and many have lost hope. They are clamouring for restructuring as promised by your party, which they believe rightly, would bring us back to the path of greatness. Nigeria as presently constituted does not inspire the citizenry. Rather than clamp down on these voices calling for change and those of distressed Nigerians calling for responsive and compassionate leadership, it is time you give this yearning of Nigerians a serious thought and rise above primordial sentiments and stand for the interest of Nigeria. We hope you will summon the political will to do the right thing.”

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