NDDC forensic audit: Indicted persons must be jailed – stakeholders

22. President Muhammadu Buhari has lauded the cordial relationship existing between the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the National Assembly.

Following the Forensic report of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) which is yet to be known to the public, stakeholders in the region have called for the imprisonment of every person found guilty of fraud in the report, not just for the sake of NDDC but across Nigeria to serve as a deterrent to others.

They also maintained that the alleged 13,000 abandoned projects and as well as N6tr were underestimated figures, adding that ecological fund meant for the region has not been accounted for over the years, adding that the absence of a functional ‘Board’ has caused more harm to the region.

They added that the inability to inaugurate a board was a deliberate act because the skewed status quo is beneficial to some persons, urging that the forensic audit should form the basis upon which any Board coming up would be anchored.

They asked citizens never to relent in their quest to demand accountability, transparency and sanctions to culpable persons who have impoverished the people by fraudulent acts, saying that so many things had gone wrong and the figures churned out were grossly underestimated.

In a monitored interview, the Head, Research, Planning & Strategy, American Foreign Policy & Treaty Index, AFPTI, Kolawole Johnson, pray that the federal government of Nigeria would keep its words when it (Government) says that ‘Heads Will Roll’ with respect to the report.

“W doesn’t know how serious the federal government is when they said, ‘Heads would Roll’ but we pray they maintain their words. Howbeit, I know it would be messy.

According to him, NDDC never received 6tr in 19 years according to a report, thus the report must be further queried, adding that there were people in NDDC who derived pleasure from the suffering and pains of other people, hence they do everything to enrich their stomach.

“I pray the federal government would have the nerve to carry out these criminal investigations. I don’t even think fingers would roll, but Let’s be optimistic on what the federal government has said that ‘Heads Will Roll’. If they do a thorough job, it would get messy. We want justice and sanctions administered to every one guilty in any form in this whole mess, no matter who is involved,”

Similarly, a former lawmaker, Cletus Obun, maintained that nobody outside the NDDC region infiltrated the Commission without the express permission of those within the region. He added that the NDDC must take responsibility for the mess it found itself.

“I called on Niger Delta Elders, PANDEF and other CSOs to come out and question Nigerian federation on their (NDDC) behalf over the irregularities and anomalies that have happened with respect to this report.

“The people in the region ought not to suffer basic social amenities if all things, persons and systems are put in the right perspectives. We shall follow this issue to the letter and Justice must be served,” he affirmed.

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