The North Central Peoples Forum (NCPF) has called on the federal government to beef up security in all schools across the state.

Publicly secretary of the forum, Hon Sule Audu, also called on the federal government to employ more youths into the security system of the country.

According to him, employing these youths as members of vigilante groups does not in any way help in the fight against these heavily armed terrorist groups.

According to him, armless vigilante group members can’t engage terrorists who are armed to the teeth.

“I think what is happening around the country now has vindicated the Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom, who was crying loud that those attacking the state are Fulani terrorists but he was being attacked here and there that he was fanning embers of discord against a particular ethnic group, why didn’t they attack Sheik Gumi when he even said the bandit are all Fulani who speaks Fufude?

“What is happening in the country now need all hands on deck, but the best way now is for the government in all the 36 States and FCT to provide adequate security in all schools, starting from primary to tertiary institutions, because the way things are going nobody knows what next, when and where, ” he said.

On arrival in Nigeria, he said he confronted the man who sold him in Benin upon but he pleaded for forgiveness and promised to refund all the monies he spent.

“When I finally decided to take the Edo taskforce on human trafficking to arrest him when he refused to refund the money, the man had fled the state, `he said.

He said later joined the Migrants As Messengers (MaM), a volunteer group with IOM in Edo as an agent of advocacy against irregular migration and human trafficking.

According to him, it has become very important to educate the youths on the danger of irregular migration.

Ikponmwosa advised young Nigerians to pass through proper channels to go abroad.

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